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Cotton Fields and Tee Time

When I was a growing up, I was blessed to have two wonderful grannies. Each unique in their own way.

My paternal granny was born and raised in Georgia. She married my granddaddy when she was very young and he was much older.

If I asked about her being so young when she married, she would say she was taken from one cottonfield and put in another. I would laugh, but I’ve come to realize Granny led a hard life though she always seemed happy and had the sweetest disposition.

Granny was a petite lady with sun-kissed skin and the most beautiful white hair, which she loved to have brushed. I would sit with her in front of me brushing and playing with her hair for what seemed like hours. For those moments of time, all her cares seemed far away. It’s one of my fondest memories.

She always smelled like Jergens lotion with its sweet cherry scent. She kept a bottle on a side table in her living room. I loved the smell and would squirt a bit in my hands whenever I visited. To this day, the smell of original Jergens takes me back to my childhood.

One of the funniest memories is of her little black Chihuahua looking dog named Fifi. She loved that pup.

Fifi had a very special talent. She played golf!

Someone, perhaps granny, got Fifi a child’s oversized plastic golf club and golf ball. Fifi would run around which ever course she happened to be playing (indoor or out) dragging the club in her mouth. It was bigger than her.

If the golf ball happened to be in the vicinity, the big club would hit it by accident and granny would laugh and say “See, she plays golf!” I would laugh at Fifi’s golf skills and because it tickled granny to watch her play.

My granny passed away when I was a teenager. Though she may be gone from this earth, the memories of and my love for her live on in my heart. As do my memories of Fifi the golf playing dog.



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